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Why is it worth to choose Ameko shoes?

Because all of Ameko shoes are handmade, they are so soft and children love walking in them. At the same time, the properly stiffened heel ensures the appropriate growth of baby's foot from the First Steps smile

First Steps

These are shoes for learning to walk and more! Ameko shoes have a system of 3 points of foot support developed in cooperation with the International Institute of Physiotherapy and Health and the Institute of Leather Industry.

Prophylactic shoes

Prophylactic and corrective shoes are used in the prevention of growth and acquired deformities of lower limbs. They have a raised and stiffened overlap, which ensures the proper stabilization. A very light and flexible sole with Thomas heel is worth to mention. The Amelka 1010 prophylactic shoes have the Healthy Foot certificate.

Who we exactly are?

Ameko is a family company based on over 30 years of experience in manufacture of footwear. We combine tradition and hand made shoemaker craft with new technologies. Thanks to that we are able to make shoes fulfilling the highest standards. 

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Thermo-insulating insoles 22-33
Thermo-insulating insoles 22-33

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In Ameko offer you can find shoes entirely made of natural leather. Each pair has a grain leather insole, which additionally has foam for added comfort and a special profiling heel. All that so your child's feet can develop properly and comfortably.

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Boots with TE-POR membrane

The highest quality autumn and winter shoes, made entirely of natural leather. The shoes are produced from beginning to end in Poland. They have a TE-POR membrane which is waterproof, windproof and ensures the proper ventilation. The footwear is flexible and very comfortable.

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Pierwsze Kroczki
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Snow boots

Winter boots made of natural leather. They have TE-POR membrane which is waterproof, windproof and ensures proper ventilation. The shoes will be ideal for snow games and walks :)


Sandals- perfect shoes for the summer. Our offer includes sandals from the First Steps series with a unique, patented system of 3 foot support points. All Ameko shoes are hand-made of the best natural leather. The offer also includes sandals for older children that will support the proper growth of the child's foot.

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